Presenting Something

Yesterday I met another mentor from England. He shared his thought about how present something well. There were some features need to know it is positive or negative thing. People can use these tips to make their presentation powerful. In the first place, an outline of the presentation at the beginning means that everyone will understand all information shared in the presentation. Secondly, a presentation that has a clear structure and development. It should contains summary of information, backgrounds information and objectives that will be achieved. Some explanations and recommendation must be added to provide any solutions needed. Another feature is understanding what he or she wants to say. He or she knows all context of information, can answer any questions from audience. At the end of presentation, summary of key points will be very useful. Clarification and elaboration will make audience understand the meaning of data and information.

On the other hand, speaks as quickly as possible must be eliminated, it means audience must not follow the presentation in a rush  speed. Furthermore, looking up from the notes when there is a question from the audience will reduce the intensity of eye contact with audience. Regular eye contact with the audience will make additional connection and understanding. Another negative activity must be reduced in moves around a lot.

All in all, however, the positive things can make the presentation more powerful eventhough the negative things sometimes still happen during speaking in front of the audience. People must practice frequently to improve their capability to speak in public.

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