Volunteerism Project

What does volunteerism mean ?

Big companies are committed to volunteerism. One of the company encourages staff to spend up to 40 paid hours a year on a community and social projects. The community benefits from the company’s resources, staff gain new skills and teamwork improves.


What can volunteering do for you?

Last 8 years ago, I joined a non-government organization to support post-earthquake project in Yogyakarta. I spent around 1 year to be a part of the team to deliver the logistic to earthquake’s victim, Now, I am expecting to get the opportunity to support Kelas Inspirasi “Inspiration Class”  in the future. Managing this project will give new experience for us. We can learn how to organize a schedule so that we are able to complete the project before its deadline. We also has to deal with the budget, which is fairly limited, so he has to spend carefully. And every few days, we can gets updates from the project team to check on progress and decide if they need more resources. We find working on this project very rewarding and is pleased to be learning new skills.

There are so many thing need to be concerned during project :

The objectives of the project, the schedule of the project, the budget, the resources, teamwork, the skills and the project updates. The project planning process should ensure that the work (scope) can be done within the deadlines (time) and budget (cost), and to the right specification (quality). These elements are inter-related, and together make up the project baseline. If one of them changes – for example a reduction in time or budget, or an increase in scope – then the others need to be adjusted to keep the baseline business benefit. Everyone is able to judge what the trade-off is if one of the variable changes. This requires clear thinking during planning, careful tracking during the execution of the project.

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