The Umbrella Kids

The Umbrella Kids
The Umbrella Kids

It starts raining. Water drops from the sky. The sky’s cloudy, grey and dark. The sun covered by the cloud. Yes, it will be a hard day for us to mobilize in the field or outside the office.

We have a lunch in the restaurants. We are trapped in the building. We cannot go anywhere because of raining. Even though the building is next to our office, we will not insist to go back to the office. It will be a disaster. Our clothes will be wet. We will not feel comfortable to continue our work in the remaining day. And also it will potentially getting cold and flu.

We can see some kids playing around outside the building. Some of them play in the lobby of the building. The security officer let them to play they. Oh, they don’t only play, but they bring umbrellas. They offer umbrellas to the attendants of the building. The attendants can use the umbrellas to move to their office and continue the work. Yes, it’s a service. It’s umbrella services. And they are umbrella kids :).

There are opportunities behind the rain. The kids can offer their umbrella services to the people. It’s their value proposition for their service even though it’s only a short time during rain. It’s nice value. This service provide benefit for the people to mobilize from one building to another during rain. The people are safe from getting wet and cold. They have to pay 1000 Rupiah or 2000 rupiah for the umbrella. It’s worth equivalent with the parking fee. They will not think twice to use this service in order to go back to office after lunch in the middle of rain.

The kids are familiar with this occasion. Their umbrella as their tool to offer an accidental service. They offer a value and get the money. The people buy their value and get benefit. The kids are umbrella kids.

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