Trapped in the Virtuous Circle

One day, my colleague told a story when our lecturer asked about virtuous circle experiences. He said that when he was a child, he fought against his friend. They punched each other in the middle of hard rain. He hit and gave his opponent a jab, like a boxer. His friend also gave him a jab, twice. It’s a tremendous show, at least for them. Nobody watched this amateur boxing show. Rain made this show became interesting. Mud made their clothes dirty. They are even, nobody won this game. No referee and judges counted their jab and punch and decided the winner. They stopped the show and insulted each other. My friend went back home.

My friend arrived at his house, and his mother noticed his condition, wet and muddy. His mother asked him “what’s going on?”. He said that he was just slipped in the muddy and slippery road. He run to his house and unfortunately he put his feet on the slippery stone. He felt down and mud covered all of his clothes. Then he took a bath and rest.

In the afternoon, his mother got complaint from her neighbor that my friend hit and punched his neighbor’s son. His neighbor’s face became swollen and bloody. His mother asked him again “what have you done?” He said “I did nothing, he lies. Don’t believe him.” My friend said that he had to lie. He had lied in the first time and had to lie in the second time. In this condition he just trapped in the virtuous circle.

In the current condition, we notice so many people trapped in the virtuous circle. Mostly person who are suspected perform a corruption, will be trapped also in the virtuous circle. They will be asked by the anti corruption agency about his mistake and crime. If they don’t want to confess his crime, The person have to say that he or she do not plan a crime to corrupt government money. When he or she insist doesn’t corrupt the money in the first question, they will commit with these statement. In the second question they will answer based on the scenario they have made. They will prepare all of the alibis to counter the police and judge’s question. In the end, the witness will add new proof about his crime. The agency sometimes find another proof to support the accusation. If the suspect people cannot defense themselves from the accusation, they will confess their crime. The judge will punish them according to their crime.

Sometimes people are trapped in the bad virtuous circle, or good virtuous circle. In the end, community will recognize what people did in the past.